Fem Banda Festival Internacional de Bandes de Música in Lleida, SPAIN

Date: June 30th, 2017

Fem Banda 2017 will feature a Symphonic Band Contest in their Concert Hall (Auditori Enric Granados), a Marching Band Contest in Camps Elisis, Lleida and the festival itself.

The bands from music schools and cultural entities will have their own space within the festival, where all bands can join.

The city of Lleida, with its strategic geographical location, is a true tourist attraction in its own right, close to cosmopolite Barcelona and the Romanesque art in the Pyrenees.

Making Fem Banda a reference in Catalonia in terms of band music is a thrilling challenge and a motivation for our entity to organise it with the outmost professionalism.

Here you can attach the web to consult the bases www.bandadelleida.es

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