The jury teams for the competitions of the 18th World Music Contest 2017 in Kerkrade, Netherlands have been appointed

Date: January 31st, 2017

Most interesting will be the team for the Concert Division for Harmony and Fanfare Bands.

Here the most radical innovations will be introduced. Previously several publications dealt already with this new jury system for these contests, and the healthy discussion on this is welcomed by Kerkrade. A team of five adjudicators, each with specific qualifications in important aspects of the (wind) music practice, will decide which concert product is the best. There will be a renowned wind band conductor – Eugene Corporon from North Texas University in Denton, who undoubtedly is the American conducting guru of the moment-; a well-known orchestral conductor with an extensive knowledge of wind music in its many guises – Ed Spanjaard from the Netherlands -; a famous composer – Jan Van der Roost from Belgium -; a star soloist – Steven Mead from the UK -; and a specialist from the world of music drama who will be able to value extra musical items on their true value in a concert production – famous mezzo soprano Miranda van Kralingen from the Netherlands, in the last 12 years director of Opera Zuid in Maastricht -; Jan van den Eijnden from the Dutch Institute for Cultural Education and Amateur Arts (LKCA) in Utrecht will once again take the role of independent chairman of the jury.

The jury systems for the other Concert competitions have so far not been changed, and the jury teams are put together as follows:

Section Brass Band
Championship Division, Test Piece
Rob Goorhuis (NL); Michael Bach (CH); Edward Gregson (UK)
Championship Division, Own Choice programme:
Jan de Haan (NL); Edward Gregson (UK) Karl Ole Midtbo (N)

1st Division:
Oliver Waespi (CH); Jan de Haan (NL); Karl Ole Midtbo (N)
2nd and 3rd Division:
Kevin Houben (B); Hannes Buchegger (A), to be appointed.

Section Harmony/Fanfare:
1st Division:
Rob Goorhuis (NL); Douglas Bostock (UK); Miguel Etchegoncelay (Arg)
2nd and 3rd Division:
Durk Lautenbach (NL); Frank De Vuyst (B); Heiko Schulze (D)

Section Percussion Ensembles:
Henk Smit (NL); Peter Vulperhorst (NL); Simone Rebello (UK); Linda Moorhouse (CDN); Ruud Böhmer (NL)

The jury teams for the Marching, Marching Parade and Show Competitions are put together as follows:

Marching Competition:
Henk Smit (NL); Ruud Böhmer (NL); Gary George (UK); Vaclav Blahunek (CR)
Marching Parade and Show Competitions:
Ruud Böhmer (NL); Peter Vulperhorst (NL); George Oliviero (USA); Linda Moorhouse (CDN);
Gary George (UK); and Nipath Kanchanahuth (THAI)

Kerkrade, January 2017

Harrie Reumkens
Artistic Leader

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