Date: December 28th, 2015

Bertram Wee writes:

Being asked to write a piece on the theme “Tomorrow”, I decided to write a
piece that juxtaposes the immediacy of communication present in most
commercial/educational wind band music with the bizarre, obscure sound world
of contemporary classical music. The band repertoire is saturated with
Hollywood-esque symphonic poems and folk song arrangements (sometimes, even
folk song arrangements in the guise of symphonic poems!) – many are
excellently crafted, but more often than not they rely on tried and tested
compositional gambits and clichés to the point of predictability and
banality. I hope very much to offer something different in looking to the
future of the band scene – to write a piece of music that captures a
youthful spirit of curiosity and exploration; that dares to take risks; that
feels dangerous.

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