Phoenix, Arizona USA

Date: October 23rd, 2015

Professor Andy Pease invites you to join a consortium to commission Boston-based composer Oliver Caplan to write companion piece to the Stravinsky Octet using Stravinsky`s instrumentation. This 5-10 minute work will be finished in March of 2016 and premiered by the Sun Valley Chamber Winds in April. Buy in for new consortium members is $250, and will entitle you to the following:

1. Exclusive performance rights through June, 2017

2. Printed score and pdf parts

3. Credit in the score as a consortium member

Oliver`s music is romantic, introspective, and often serene. With these qualities, this new piece will make an excellent foil to Stravinsky`s famous work. To learn more about Oliver and his music, visit

Please contact Professor Pease directly if you`d like to sign up or would like more information. This is a great opportunity add constructively and strategically to our chamber repertoire!

Andy Pease

Music Director

Sun Valley Chamber Winds

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