New Band Works from TAP winner David Avshalomov

Date: February 15th, 2016

Rain Dance - A bitter slow-dance piece, dry and dissonant almost throughout, with a few moments of moist semi-sweetness near the end. Spooky start and finish. Full band. 6 minutes.

StarGazers - A pair of short color/character miniatures expressing our yearning for the stars–first in helpless slow awe-struck Earthbound stargazing, and then in audacious space travel.
1. Starry Night 1’30. Slow quiet start with a soaring tune, high canonic tapestry, blazing starry dome of night, big brassy cadence and soft twinkle ending.
2. Galaxy 2’45”. Illuminates the impulse to soar to the stars. Slow, high, expansive, floating opening, speed-up to space adventure march theme, launch peak, romantic interlude, wild jump to warp speed, triumphl tonal close.

Scores and hear MIDI Demos of these works and the entire catalog on his website at

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