Wanted: Youth orchestra for international Festival in Switzerland

Date: April 15th, 2016

The World Youth Music Festival takes place in the summer of 2017 already for the 6th time in Zurich. The musical competition is open for youth bands from around the world and allows an international comparison of educational standards. The aim is also to facilitate contacts between young people from different countries, continents and cultures.

The organizing committee has set itself an ambitious goal: They wish to bring a total of 80 youth orchestras from around the world to Zurich, what amounts to about 4‘000 musicians. These will compete in five different categories: Concert competition, parade music, show competition, percussion and for the first time big band. Participation is open for youth orchestras with members up to 25 years. Besides, also permitted are three persons up to 28 years.

The World Youth Music Festival should not only be an interesting competition for the participating youth but also enthral the audience with public concerts. Planned is an impressive opening ceremony, a festival parade through the centre of the city as well as a gala concert and open concerts throughout Zurich.

Up to 31 October 2016, national and international Youth Orchestras can still file their application for the festival. All information can be found on our website www.wjmf.ch. The application can be completed online.

World Youth Music Festival

The World Youth Music Festival (WJMF) was created to mark the 25th anniversary of the Youth Music Zurich 11. Meanwhile, it has evolved into an international festival for amateur musicians from 9 to 25 years of age. Since 1985, between 2600 and 4500 youth from all over the world travelled to Zurich for each festival to meet like-minded people from other orchestras from around the world, to compete in various categories. A total of 170 orchestras from 40 countries participated in the past 30 years in this fascinating festival.

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Contact for the media:

Yvonne Sutter, Press officer, Tel. 079 667 49 20, yvonne.sutter@wjmf.ch

Rolf Walter, President of the organizing committee, Tel. 076 374 03 15, rolf.walter@wjmf.ch

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