Composer and WASBE member Johan de Meij wins the 30th International Composition Competition -- Corciano , Italy

Date: May 12th, 2016

Program Notes

Echoes of San Marco – Johan de Meij
(for wind orchestra)

Echoes of San Marco was composed as homage to Italian composer Giovanni Gabrieli (1554 – 1612), the renaissance maestro who was well known for his use of double wind ensembles, mirroring each other sonically in the awe-inspiring San Marco Cathedral in Venice, Italy.

Majestic brass fanfares from two different locations in the back of the concert hall mark the opening of the work: we hear fragments from Giovanni Gabrieli’s majestic CanzonSeptimi Toni a 8 from the Sacrae Symphoniae (1597), originally written for two four-part brass choirs.

Several groups within the orchestra, such as a double-reed choir, a saxophone quartet, a horn quartet, euphonium/tuba quartet and two sets of tubular bells mimic the brass choirs, while the clarinet choir and a flute quartet prolong the echoes with mysterious cluster chords.

New thematic material is developed out of one of the bass lines of the opening section, quoting a four-note motif C-A-D-G. The work reaches a triumphant conclusion with a grand hymn.

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