Test Pieces Concert Contests 18th WMC Kerkrade 2017

Date: April 22nd, 2016

Sectie/Section Brass Band

Championship Division: compositieopdracht Oliver Waespi

1e Divisie/1st Division Dances and Arias Edward Gregson


2e Divisie/2nd Division Purcell Variations Kenneth Downie

Egon Music/ SP&S

3e Divisie/3rd Division Introduction and Variations Jan de Haan

on “Dies Irae” De Haske/Hal Leonard

Sectie Fanfare/ Section Fanfare Band

1e Divisie/1st Division A Diamond for Parker Rob Goorhuis

Gobelin Music Publications

2e Divisie/2nd Division Divertimento Harrie Janssen

Verlag Emil Ruh

3e Divisie/3rd Division compositie opdracht aan Jan Bosveld, gereed oktober 2016/

Commissioned to Jan Bosveld, ready in print October 2016

Sectie Harmonie/ Section Concert/Harmony Band

1e Divisie/1st Division The Unknown Journey Philip Sparke

Anglo Music

2e Divisie/ 2nd Division Summer Dances Adam Gorb


3e Divisie/3rd Division The Land of Zarathustra Amir Moolokpoor


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