International Communication

1. Website Task Force

Website Editor and Task Force Chair: Markus Mauderer

Leadership Team: Joop Boerstoel, Colleen Richardson, Miguel Etchegoncelay, Sabrina Harper

2. Social Media Task Force

Social Media Editor and Administrator: Markus Mauderer

Leadership Team:, Joop Boerstoel Fergus O’Carroll, James Ripley


• Continue developing the use of the social media for communication. Create WASBE awareness through Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google Plus+, etc.

• Use the social media to cause people to want to link to the main WASBE website:

3. Industry Liaison Task Force

Task Force Chair: Mark Morette

Task Force Leadership Team: Glenn Price, Dennis Johnson

4. Publications Committee

Committee Chair: William Johnson, President

Committee Leadership Team:, Markus Mauderer (Editor: WASBE World)

Bill Berz (Editor: WASBE Journal), Francis Pieters (Advisor)

5. WASBE History and Archives Committee

Committee Chair: Miguel Etchegoncelay

Committee Leadership Team:, Odd Terje Lysebo, Leon Bly, Glenn D. Price, Dennis Johnson, Felix Hauswirth, William Johnson, Francis Pieters, Bill Berz

6. Composer’s Network

Network Chair: Yo Goto, Co-Chair

Committee Leadership Team: William Johnson


• Develop links to member composer’s websites on WASBE website

• Feature the “Composer of the Month” on the WASBE website.

7. Military Band Network

Network Chair: Col. Václav Blahunek

Committee Leadership Team: Daniel W. Boothe