Repertoire List

The WASBE Repertoire List is a highly select collection of wind band compositions that have been chosen by WASBE members to assist conductors and others in seeking serious and distinctive repertoire for study and performance. The list is both small and in constant change. All works have been vetted by a select committee and many are recent works that have been performed at WASBE conferences and Repertoire Sessions. Most works are commercially published, but some are self-published by the composer.

As much as possible, each listed work contains important information that will assist one in evaluating the work for possible performance by including such information as country of origin, date of composition, difficulty (USA Grades, easiest, to 6, most difficult), duration, as well as titles of movements, if any and instrumentation.

The publisher’s website is included and a select YouTube performance is provided, if available. Also included in some works are program notes and a short biographical sketch of the composer.

WASBE members can suggest works to be added to this list by going to the MEMBERS page, sign in with your user name and password and complete the required information. Suggest a work »

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Title Composer Difficulty Country Year
Concertango Serrano Alarcón, Luis 4 Spain 2004 More Info
Variations and Fugue on the “Wee Cooper of Fife” Thorpe Davie, Cedric 4 Scotland 1979/2009 More Info
Morning Music Bennett, Richard Rodney 6 USA 1986 More Info
Adrenaline City Gorb, Adam 6 England 2006 More Info
Music for Winds Skrowaczewski, Stanisław 6 USA 2009 More Info
Guggisberg Fantasie Goorhuis, Rob 5 Switzerland 2013 More Info
Traversada Waespi, Oliver 4 Switzerland 2013 More Info
Passacaglia Jackson, Tim 4 United Kingdom 2005-06 More Info
Bohemian Revelry Gorb, Adam 4 United Kingdom 2012-13 More Info
Jazz Funeral, A Coleman, Christopher 5 Hong Kong 2004-05 More Info
Duende Serrano Alarcón, Luis 5 Spain 2010 More Info
Zagorske Slike Bobić, Davor 5 Croatia 1997/2006 More Info
Wind of Yemen Pigovat, Boris 5 Israel 2000/2009 More Info
200, Tercera Suite Para Banda Valencia Rincón, Victoriano 4 Colombia 2010 More Info
Puss in Boots Cesarini, Franco 4 Switzerland 2013 More Info
El Agua Prodigiosa Martínez Gallego, Francisco José 4 Spain 2011 More Info
Vranjanka Hesketh, Kenneth 5 England 2004-05 More Info
1405: Der Brand von Bern Bürki, Mario 5 Switzerland 2004 More Info
Bulgarian Dances (Part II) Cesarini, Franco 5 Switzerland 2013 More Info
Berglicht Waespi, Oliver 5 Switzerland 2008 More Info
Tales and Legends Crausaz, Etienne 5 Switzerland 2010 More Info
Traveler Maslanka, David 5 USA 2003 More Info
Kingfishers Catch Fire Mackey, John 5 USA 2007 More Info
Concerto for Violin and Band Melillo, Stephen 5 USA 2000 More Info
Millennium Canons Puts, Kevin 5 USA 2001/2003 More Info
Angels in the Architecture Ticheli, Frank 5 USA 2009 More Info
Postcard Ticheli, Frank 5 USA 1991 More Info
Little Threepenny Music Weill, Kurt 6 Germany 1928/1975 More Info
Russian Easter Overture Rimsky-Korsakov, Nikolai 5 Russia 1888/2012 More Info
Vespers, Op. 37, for Symphonic Winds Rachmaninoff, Sergei 4 Russia 1915/2011 More Info
Symphony from Ivy Green Camphouse, Mark 6 USA 1999 More Info
Impressionist Prints Forte, Aldo 6 USA 2000 More Info
Vientos y Tangos Gandolfi, Michael 6 USA 2004 More Info
Bum's Rush Grantham, Donald 6 USA 1994 More Info
Concerto for Soprano Saxophone and Wind Ensemble Mackey, John 6 USA 2007 More Info
Symphony No. 4 Maslanka, David 6 USA 1994 More Info
Ancient Airs and Dances, Suite No. 1 Respighi, Ottorino 5 Italy 1917/2013 More Info
Story of Anne Frank, The Schwarz, Otto M. 4 Austria 2013 More Info
Odysseia Aulio, Maxime 5 France 2005/2008 More Info
Vesuvius Ticheli, Frank 4 USA 1999 More Info
La Mezquita de Córdoba Giroux, Julie 5 USA 2005 More Info
Riften Wed Giroux, Julie 4 USA 2013 More Info
Meltdown Pütz, Marco 5 Luxembourg 1992 More Info
Homenaje a Joaquín Sorolla Adam Ferrero, Bernardo 6 Spain 1988 More Info
Libertadores Navarro, Óscar 5 Spain 2010 More Info
Las Aventuras del Principito Ferran, Ferrer 4 Spain 2010 More Info
De Causis Zacarés Fort, Francisco 6 Spain 2009 More Info
Symphony No. 3 Suñer Oriola, José 6 Spain 2010 More Info
Dragón Elliot Gómez Deval, Juan Gonzalo 5 Spain 2011 More Info
Symphony for Winds Ellerby, Martin 6 United Kingdom 1997 More Info
Derivations Pütz, Marco 6 Luxembourg 2003/2006 More Info
Gallimaufry Woolfenden, Guy 5 United Kingdom 1983 More Info
Fool's Journey, The Heide, Hans van der 5 The Netherlands 2012/2014 More Info
States of Mind Bosveld, Jan 5 The Netherlands 2008 More Info
Four Earth Songs Pütz, Marco 6 Luxembourg 2008 More Info
Summer Meij, Johan de 4 The Netherlands 2013 More Info
Misericordia Othuis, Kees 5 The Netherlands 2002 More Info
Between Heaven and Earth Vähi, Peeter 5 Estonia 2010 More Info
Overture for an Imaginary Play Andriessen, Jurriaan 4 The Netherlands 1987 More Info
Symfonieën der Nederlanden Andriessen, Louis 5 The Netherlands 1974/1989 More Info
Rapture Torke, Michael 5 USA 2001 More Info
Concerto Grange, Philip 6 United Kingdom 1998 More Info
Augenblick Stark, Christopher 5 USA 2008 More Info
Concerto for Wind Orchestra McPhee, Colin 6 Canada 1960 More Info
Winged Lion, The McNeff, Stephen 4 United Kingdom 2003 More Info
Ghosts McNeff, Stephen 3 United Kingdom 2001 More Info
Autumn's Elegy Hesketh, Kenneth 4 United Kingdom 2013 More Info
Devil's Tale, The Stephenson, James M. 5 USA 2013 More Info
Fantasie Koumans, Rudolf 4 The Netherlands 1980 More Info
Reflections Badings, Henk 6 The Netherlands 1980 More Info
Land of the Cornflower, The Goorhuis, Rob 3 The Netherlands 2013 More Info
Cloud Atlas Grange, Philip 6 United Kingdom 2009 More Info
Puhu tuul Kask, Ott 4 Estonia 2010 More Info
Down the Lonely Path Abigaña, Brett Keüper 4 USA 2014 More Info
Le Bal des Halles Legley, Victor 5 Belgium 1954/2011 More Info
Diaghilev Dances Hesketh, Kenneth 5 United Kingdom 2002 More Info
Omaggio Ball, Michael 6 United Kingdom 1986 More Info
Concerto for Alto Saxophone and Wind Band Ball, Michael 4 United Kingdom 1994 More Info
Atlas of Remote Islands Janssen, Harrie 6 The Netherlands 2014 More Info
Kuuvalgel Raik, Priit 3 Estonia 1997 More Info
Motus Contrarius Lehto, Jukka-Pekka 6 Finland 2014 More Info
Bright Spirit Bingham, Judith 3 United Kingdom 2001 More Info
Konzertstück Pütz, Marco 6 Luxembourg 1999 More Info
Angel Camp Cushing, Charles 5 USA 1952/1990 More Info
Celtic Set Cowell, Henry 4 USA 1938 More Info
Symphony No. 2 Chance, John Barnes 6 USA 1972 More Info
Sinfonia VI Broege, Timothy 3 USA 1982 More Info
Song for Lyndsay Boysen, Andrew, Jr. 3 USA 2006 More Info
Endurance Mahr, Timothy 5 USA 1991 More Info
Sinfonietta Dahl, Ingolf 6 USA 1961 More Info
Symphony No. 1 Newman, Jonathan 6 USA 2008 More Info
Les Couleurs Fauves Husa, Karel 6 USA (Czech) 1996 More Info
Schmelz-Trilogie Wiltgen, Roland 6 Luxembourg 1998-2005 More Info
Ljodgata Aagaard-Nilsen, Torstein 4 Norway 2013 More Info
Folk Song Suite No. 1 Hidas, Frigyes 4 Hungary 1985 More Info
Fortaleza Álvarez, Andrés 3 Spain 2012 More Info
Canción de Antruejo Castellanos Yumar, Gonzalo 6 Venezuela 1988/2014 More Info
Tocancitango Moncho, Vicente 6 Argentina 2008 More Info
A Limón por Turrialba... y Guayabo Berrocal Montoya, Victor Hugo 5 Costa Rica 2011 More Info
Tesis para Banda Torres, Allen 5 Costa Rica 1985 More Info
Preámbulo Castellanos Yumar, Gonzalo 6 Venezuela 1983 More Info
Suite Pernambucana de Bolso Silva, José Ursicino da 4 Brazil 1965 More Info
Save the Sea Hidas, Frigyes 5 Hungary 1998 More Info
Parallel Universe Vidal Guerreiro, Lino João 5 Portugal 2009 More Info
Suite Infantil para Banda Navarro, Samuel 5 Venezuela 2009 More Info
Periclitando Milano Mayora, Daniel 5 Venezuela 1998 More Info
Daydreams Itoh, Takuma 4 USA 2011 More Info
Hivemind Lane, Peter Van Zandt 5 USA 2014 More Info
Gadatirgus Karlsons, Juris 4 Latvia 2009 More Info
Time for Outrage Pütz, Marco 6 Luxembourg 2014 More Info
Velocity Meadows Stark, Christopher 5 USA 2015 More Info
Book of the Dead Magnuson, Roy 6 USA 2012 More Info
Bachseits Stert, Johannes 6 Germany 2011 More Info
Sinfonía no. 1 Martínez Gallego, Francisco José 6 Spain 2011 More Info
Miniatur-Ouvertüre Toch, Ernst 6 Austria 1932/1951 More Info
Cap Kennedy Lancen, Serge 5 France 1971 More Info
World-Why-Die II? Rudin, Rolf 6 Germany 2001/2015 More Info
Ouverture “Die Zauberflöte” Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus 3 Austria 1791/1982 More Info
Fratres Pärt, Arvo 3 Estonia 1977/1990 More Info
Chamber Symphony no. 1 Op. 9 Schönberg, Arnold 6 Austria 1906 More Info
Comix Trips Lansky, Paul 6 USA 2008 More Info
joyRIDE Markowski, Michael 5 USA 2005/2014 More Info
Garden of Earthly Delights, The Osmon, Leroy 6 USA 2006 More Info
Fanfare for the Uncommon Woman, No. 1 Tower, Joan 6 USA 1986 More Info
Gone McAllistar, Scott 4 USA 2013 More Info
Concerto for Clarinet and Wind Ensemble Maslanka, David 6 USA 2014 More Info
La Fiesta Mexicana Reed, H. Owen 6 USA 1949/1954 More Info
Flourishes and Meditations on a Renaissance Theme Gandolfi, Michael 6 USA 2010 More Info
Concerto for Flute and Wind Orchestra Mower, Mike 6 USA 2003 More Info
Moth Cuong, Viet 5 USA 2013 More Info
Overture to Le Nozze di Figaro Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus 5 Austria 1786/1791/1975 More Info
Figures in the Garden Dove, Jonathan 6 England 1991 More Info
Mozart new-look Françaix, Jean 5 France 1981 More Info
Serenade in C minor K388 Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus 6 Austria 1782/1979 More Info
Magneticfireflies Thomas, Augusta Read 5 USA 2001 More Info
Ikaros (Ikarosz) Tóth, Péter 5 Hungary 2012 More Info
Caricatures Hutcheson, Jere 6 USA 1997 More Info
Lament for Wind Orchestra Koh, Chang Su 5 Japan 2002 More Info
Five Folksongs for Soprano and Band Gilmore, Bernard 4 USA 1965 More Info
Commando March Barber, Samuel 4 USA 1943 More Info
Banks of Newfoundland, The Cable, Howard 5 Canada 2009 More Info
Jungla Ferran, Ferrer 5 Spain 2006 More Info
Seaquam Stride, Fred 4 Canada 1997 More Info
Festival Overture Lendvay, Kamilló 5 Hungary 1984 More Info
Kalla Gilliland, Allan 4 Canada 2009 More Info
Stratford Suite Cable, Howard 4 Canada 1964 More Info
Concerto Grosso for Saxophone Quartet Bolcom, William 6 USA 2009 More Info
Indoor Overture, An Strietman, Willem 5 The Netherlands 1969/1998 More Info
One Hundred Years of Fanfares Raum, Elizabeth 5 Canada 2005 More Info
Concert Overture in F Minor O'Neill, Charles 5 Canada 1931 More Info
Invisible Cities Wijeratne, Dinuk 6 Canada 2014 More Info
Ride of the North West Mounted Police, The Glen Broder, Annie 1 Canada 1906 More Info
Magnolia Star Danyew, Steve 5 USA 2012 More Info
Mare Tranquillitatis Zare, Roger 3 USA 2012 More Info
Polygon of Time, The Lai, Lam 5 Hong Kong 2014 More Info
Concerto for Flute Liebermann, Lowell 6 USA 1992 More Info
Bookmarks from Japan Giroux, Julie 6 USA 2013 More Info
Wine-Dark Sea Mackey, John 6 USA 2014 More Info
Downey Overture Navarro, Óscar 4 Spain 2011 More Info
Toccata and Fugue in D minor Bach, Johann Sebastian 5 Germany 1706/2014 More Info
Symphony No. 2 Abigaña, Brett Keüper 6 USA 2015 More Info
Masque Hesketh, Kenneth 5 England 2001 More Info
Circus Overture Bolcom, William 5 USA 2015 More Info
Luminosity: Concerto for Wind Orchestra Schwantner, Joseph 6 USA 2015 More Info
Walking the Dog Gershwin, George 3 USA 1937/2007 More Info
An Gé Fhiáin (The Wild Goose) George, Ryan 5 USA 2014 More Info
Bells Across the Atlantic Gorb, Adam 5 Great Britain 2013 More Info
Aspen Jubilee Nelson, Ron 6 USA 1988 More Info
Kokyou Amano, Masamichi 4 Japan 2009 More Info
Cane River Murals Ellerby, Martin 5 Great Britain 2012 More Info
Earth, The, from The Planets by Trouvere Nagao, Jun 5 Japan 2014 More Info
Afferoce Koh, Chang Su 5 Japan 2014 More Info
Wild Rose Above, A Gotō, Yo 4 Japan 2014 More Info
Arcana Houben, Kevin 5 Belgium 2004 More Info
Rapsodia Hernandiana Quinto Serna, Santiago 5 Spain 2003/2010 More Info
200. Tercera Suite para Banda Valencia Rincón, Victoriano 5 Colombia 2010 More Info
Newsreel in Five Shots Schuman, William 6 USA 1941 More Info
Colour Wheel Forsyth, Malcolm 4 Canada 1978 More Info
Country Band March Ives, Charles 4 USA 1903.1974 More Info
In the World of Spirits Broughton, Bruce 6 USA 2011 More Info
Al Fresco Husa, Karel 6 Czech republic/USA 1975 More Info
Engelsflügel Dean, Brett 5 Austria 2013 More Info
Sinfonietta no. 2 Badings, Henk 6 The Netherlands 1981 More Info
Concerto for Alto Saxophone and Wind Ensemble Ticheli, Frank 6 USA 2014 More Info
Frozen Cathedral, The Mackey, John 5 USA 2012 More Info
Concerto for Clarinet and Wind Ensemble Ticheli, Frank 6 USA 2010 More Info
Connections Branter, David 3 Canada 2015 More Info
Pavanne Gould, Morton 4 USA 1938/1961 More Info
Fall Fair Ridout, Godfrey 4 Canada 1961/1988 More Info
Ar-gard Kuremanee, Kitti 4 Thailand 2008 More Info
Deo Gracias Woolfenden, Guy 4 United Kingdom 1986 More Info
Illyrian Dances Woolfenden, Guy 5 United Kingdom 1986 More Info
S.P.Q.R. Woolfenden, Guy 5 United Kingdom 1988 More Info
Concertino for Soprano Saxophone and Symphonic Band Beurden, Bernard van 5 The Netherlands 1990 More Info
Dreaming of the Masters III Gilliland, Allan 5 Canada 2010/2013 More Info
Mont Fuji Mashima, Toshio 4 Japan 2014 More Info
Last Message From Maestro Tshaikovsky, A Lendvay, Kamillo 5 Hungary 1994 More Info
Concertino for Piano, Winds, Percussion and Harp Lendvay, Kamillo 5 Hungary 1961 / 1983 More Info
Intermeco Altmanis, Alvils 3 Latvia 2009 More Info
Movimientos Contrastantes Terzian, Alicia 5 Argentina 1964 More Info
al-Uqṣur Vidal Guerreiro, Lino João 5 Portugal 2015 More Info
Seven Moons Vidal Guerreiro, Lino João 5 Portugal 2013 More Info
Atmósferas Terzian, Alicia 4 Argentina 1969 More Info
Concertino for Flute, Bassoon and Band Forte, Aldo 5 USA 2006 More Info
Concertino for Bass Drum and Symphonic Band Jesus, Nelson 6 Portugal 2013 More Info
Coriolanus Hidas, Frigyes 5 Hungary 1980 More Info
Minimusic Fantasy Staněk, Pavel 5 Czech Republic 1992/1999 More Info
Sinfonia Resurrectionis Nelhybel, Vaclav 6 USA 1981/2012 More Info
Prelude and Fugue Nelhybel, Vaclav 4 USA 1966 More Info
Copernicus Filas, Juraj 6 Czech Republic 2008/2010 More Info
Marinarella Fučík, Julius 4 Czech Republic 1907/2005 More Info
Circus Suite Hidas, Frigyes 5 Hungary 1985/1996 More Info
Dionysiaques Schmitt, Florent 6 France 1913 More Info